Jay is MSOM Fellow, Feryal is MSOM President-Elect!

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In a Zoom call today – it would have been even more enjoyable if we were in Banff in person — it was announced that Jay has been elected MSOM Distinguished Fellow and Feryal Erhun (PhD 2002) is President-Elect of MSOM.

Feryal (like Jay and Pinar) has won the NSF CAREER Award, and (like Pinar) the First Prize in INFORMS Case Competition, and also received a MSOM Best Paper Award.

It is great to have awesome PhD students.😊

And my good friend (and co-author) Georgia Perakis is the new Editor-in-Chief of MSOM Journal. It is great to have awesome co-authors too!

Here is her email following this post:

Thank you Sridhar! I agree on everything you say! And I remember being at the Nicholson announcement ceremony and sitting together when Jay won! You have had some amazing students!

This is an exciting update to my post from October 2018, and so I decided to use the same link.

Jay is elected INFORMS Fellow, Pinar is INFORMS President Elect (October 2018)

My first PhD student, Jay Swaminathan, and I used Infinitesimal Perturbation Analysis (IPA) and Stochastic Programming (with recourse) to help IBM figure out how to best do postponement – also called delayed differentiation — using vanilla boxes.

Jay won the Nicholson Prize for this in 1996.

Just last week he told me, he was elected an INFORMS Fellow.

He is the second of my PhD students to be made an INFORMS Fellow.

Pinar Keskinocak, who graduated in 1997, was elected an INFORMS Fellow in 2015.

Her thesis included a paper on scheduling private jets, based on a wonderful project we worked on in the summer of 1994, and published in 1998.

A case study on scheduling fractional jets won the First Prize in INFORMS Case competition in 2000.

Both Jay and Pinar were awarded IBM Fellowships when they were PhD students. (As was Roman Kapuscinski.)

Both Jay and Pinar were awarded NSF CAREER Awards after they graduated. (As was Feryal Erhun.)

Pinar is now President-Elect of INFORMS!

Here is her response to my congratulatory email:

Thank you for all your mentoring, support and friendship over the years!!

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  1. Congratulations, Feryal, Jay, Pinar, and Sridhar!!! Exciting!

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