Looking back: March 31, 1999

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Why, in God’s name, you might wonder, would I care about 3/31/99 rather than 12/31/99?

Because I didn’t care about Y2K then (and I was right!), and, yes, that was just a hoax.

But because: This was the release date for the movie The Matrix.

The Matrix is one of my top 40 movies (of about 4000 that I have seen) in 40 or so years.

Yes, I see 100+ movies/year. Have been doing so for 40+ years.

Neo, dodging the bullets, is easily one of the best technology effects in movies of all time. So much so, that I recreated that scene and put myself between the shooter and Keanu Reeves (who was Neo).

Can you figure out how I did that?

This is called Bullet Time.

Easily the best example of Time-lapsed photography, and use of the Archimedean spiral. This won the 1999 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. Well deserved.

What about March 31, 2019? That was the 20th anniversary of the movie release of The Matrix.

I had just returned from a vacation in India, and went to see Hotel Mumbai.

It was actually pretty good. Harrowing to watch (no surprise), with a few situations reminiscent of Schindler’s List, and quite well done. Might even get a nomination for “Best Picture” in the “Foreign Film” category.

Anyhoo, I had received this really nice email while I was on vacation in India, just a few days before:

Thank you for your important contribution in the
special issue of Science & Culture…

I must say, your Summary & Discussion section is
so apt, wonderful, and carries a very powerful

What was that about?

Quantum computing. Algebraic Geometry. History. Magnetism.

You might enjoy our expository article we wrote on our contributions to quantum computing:

Minimizing polynomial functions on quantum computers

What does this have to do with The Matrix?

Nothing. Maybe.

Other than reconfirm that what you see is NOT what it is: There is a substratum.

I have spent a majority of my professional life in reality.

In the now. In making impact, creating value, making money.

Saving lives.

What if this whole thing is just an illusion? माया?

Just a Matrix.

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