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Medtronic. Honeywell. Dow. Estee Lauder. J&J. Unilever. Diageo.

And, of course, Clorox. 

Oh, I could go on. It is great to see so many of SmartOps (now part of SAP) customers stepping up during COVID-19.

Here is my recent interview with SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers):

What supply chain players are learning from the pandemic

As I finished checking the transcript of the podcast, I turned on Bloomberg TV to see how the markets were doing. Dow CEO was answering how their global manufacturing sites have been repurposed!

This could be such a good video for “Intro to Operations Management”!

If you have not seen this (thanks Dawn for sending the link), here is Medtronic CEO with a good understanding of operations management (different types of ventilators, different segments of patients, centralized optimization of allocation and distribution), production and post manufacturing issues.

Periodically, folks ask me “Do I miss being CEO of SmartOps?”

I remember the day when I waved my kids off to school in the morning, drove to the private jet terminal 10 minutes away (Hanscom Field, Bedford, MA), hopped on to a Hawker 800 (or was it a Citation X, I don’t remember) for a mid-morning (and early lunch) meeting with J&J in Skillman, NJ.

You have seen Tom Hanks take a jet in the movie Angels & Demons to get to Vatican in a hurry? Same private jet terminal.

Then, I hopped back on the jet to get to Melville, NY (Long Island) for a late afternoon meeting with Honeywell, followed by a wonderful dinner with Estee Lauder (remember this John? I forget the name of the restaurant that had a great wine list), before flying back home, and checking on the kids before they went to bed.

Dad, you don’t travel for your job right?

Oh, kids. You have so much to learn about how the world works!

Of course, I said, “Not too much.”

So my answer to the question of whether I miss SmartOps:

Not too much.😏

PS: John responded with:

Excellent Podcast. BTW the restaurant was Rothmans in East Norwich. Great wine list…That was the day I found out you were a Vegetarian. 😁 Hope you and your family stay safe and healthy.


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