2022 Tayur Prize

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As you know (from What would Steve Jobs do?) I created the Tayur Prize to recognize students at IIT-Madras for their projects in quantum science and technology.

In 2020, the focus was on Building Ising Hardware. See 2020 Tayur Prize.

In 2021, the focus was on Applications and Algorithms on Ising Solvers. See 2021 Tayur Prize.

In 2022, the focus was on Gate/Circuit Model and Execution/Performance on IBM Hardware.

I am thrilled to announce the winners (thanks again to Anil Prabhakar, Prabha Mandayam and other faculty supervisors):

First Prize: Debjyoti Biswas, Sourav Dutta and Shrikant Utagi

       A Modified Order Finding Algorithm

Second Prize: Kalpak Ghosh

        Machine Learning Assisted Quantum Chemistry Calculations on Quantum Computers


Here are their zoom presentations (Password: &wx9R!V#).

You can see the current (and foreseeable) capabilities of quantum devices and assess for yourselves whether the alleged near-term dangers 😳 of quantum computing mentioned in the recent Financial Times article are real or these are (a term that I just coined) Quantum Alarmists:

Time to get serious about the dangers of quantum computing.

Recall my Quantum Serenity prayer (as an antidote to Quantum Rubbish and Quantum Supremacy).

I also want take the opportunity to celebrate our recent publication that gives a Mini-Review of Quantum Annealing Research at Quantum Technologies Group at Tepper:

Quantum Annealing Research at CMU: Algorithms, Hardware, Applications.

And congratulate Subra Suresh (IIT-Madras alum, and a previous President of CMU) for being a recipient of the National Medal of Science.👌

What is the focus of the 2023 Tayur Prize? We are finalizing it as I post this – if you have suggestions for us to consider (Hint: we are thinking we should get back to hardware, something physical), please email me.

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