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Back at Cornell for a Special OTIM Symposium From Information to Impact in memory of Srinagesh Gavirneni, my PhD student (graduated in 1997, Inventories in Supply Chains under Co-operation, whose undergraduate was also (like me) from IIT-Madras), attended also by a couple of my other PhD students (Jay Swaminathan and Roman Kapuscinski, both graduated in 1996, and Tamminh Tran, also a Tepper OM PhD alum), and co-organized by Vince Slaugh (PhD 2015), I am taking the opportunity to list the many PhD students I have had the pleasure of working with.

It was wonderful to see many familiar faces – David Shmoys, Kathryn Caggiano, Andrew Davis, Shane Henderson, Muge Yalla-Kullu, Jeanette Song, Arielle Anderer, Sid Banerjee, Mohsen Bayati, Vishal Gaur, Li Chen, Rohit Verma, Larry Robinson, Andrew Karolyi – and also meet new folks – Nur Kaynar, Meng Qi,  Zhen Lian,  Samatha Keppler, Matt Baucum, Rakesh Allu – at the wonderful event so thoughtfully organized by Cornell folks.

Last night, we – Roman, Jay, Tammy and myself – were treated to a sumptuous dinner by Ramadevi, Meghana and Siddharth.

Let me say a few words about Nagesh.

He was empathetic and collegial, making him an excellent collaborator, a helpful colleague and a caring friend. He was a responsible and compassionate person with a strong focus on family and colleagues and students.

He was a versatile researcher, his publications ranging from modeling to algorithm development to implementation and to expository writing.

It was a pleasure to have him as my student.

Here are a few publications that we co-authored on.


 S. GAVIRNENI AND S. TAYUR. 1999. Managing a Single Customer using a Target Reverting Ordering Policy. M&SOM Journal, 1, pp. 157-173.

GAVIRNENI, R. KAPUSCINSKI AND S. TAYUR. 1999. Value of Information in Capacitated Supply Chains. Management Science, 45(1), pp. 16-24.

Algorithm Development:

S. GAVIRNENI AND S. TAYUR. 2001. An Efficient Procedure for Non-stationary Inventory Control. IIE Transactions, 33(2), pp. 83.

M. DAWANDE, S. GAVIRNENI AND S. TAYUR. 2006. Effective Heuristics for Multi-Product Partial Shipment Models. Operations Research, 54(2), pp. 337-352.


M. MEHROTRA, M. DAWANDE, S. GAVIRNENI, M. DEMIRCI AND S. TAYUR. 2013. Production Planning with Patterns: A Problem from Processed Food Manufacturing. Operations Research, 59(2), PP. 267-282.


S. GAVIRNENI AND S. TAYUR. 1998.Value of Information Sharing and Comparison of Delayed  Differentiation. Chapter in Quantitative Models for SCM.

In addition, he edited a book (in 2016) on the occasion of celebrating Joe Thomas where I was an invited chapter contributor, and he contributed a chapter in Handbook of Healthcare Analytics (2018), that I co-edited with Tinglong Dai (PhD 2013).

Indeed, as time has passed by, and as my own professional life has journeyed from the Mundane to the Mortal to the Mysterious, one constant is the quality and collegiality of my PhD Students leading to Academic Publications!

The other constant has been my association with Entrepreneurship. As you know from my previous posts, Neotribe Ventures was founded by my IIT-Madras classmate Kittu Kolluri where I am a Limited Partner (and an Advisor).  Let me take this opportunity to highlight an exciting update at a  portfolio company that is indeed translating information to impact:





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