De Rebus Nuper Egi

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This is a riff on De Rebus a se Gestis, the title of the autobiography of Giraldus Cambrensis, the Latin name of Gerald The Wales (1147-1223) that translates to

About the Things You have Done by Yourself.

My title translates to:

About the things I have done lately.

Monday: I was at Cornell (see From Information to Impact), a 37 minute “wheels-up to wheels-down” from Pittsburgh (on a Hawker 400), and then hopped over to NYC (42 minutes) on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Loved being back at Mandarin Oriental (54th floor, Central Park view), and strolling in and around Central Park.

I was at MetLife Stadium to watch Messi (also see Mbappe v Messi) in a Copa America match between Argentina and Chile. Not the most exciting game to watch, but it was good that Argentina scored a goal. There were over 80,000 spectators, and it took more than an hour to get out of the stadium and find the limo!

Wednesday: I went to see MJ on Broadway. The first half was a bit sluggish (after the opening number), but after the intermission, it picked up the pace (and I especially enjoyed Smooth Criminal). [See Hello, Broadway!]

Thursday: I had a productive one-on-one with the CEO of a Quant Hedge Fund (also see Quantum Karma) about progress in commercializing some IP. [Yes, I still do some “useful” things!]

Off to Boston. Totally enjoyed a Masala Dosa at Madras Dosa Company and then a Vesper at Noir.

Friday: (Morning) I had a wonderful breakfast with Nitin at HBS brainstorming on some creative movie ideas; (Evening) I had an enjoyable evening at the City Winery, singing along with Livingston Taylor, a fundraiser for the documentary Broken. Walked over to Alibi for old-time’s sake.

Saturday: I met with Bill Lichtenstein and Brooke Lewiston to discuss the narrative structure of the documentary, and look at the first cut of the movie’s opening sequences.

Off to Minneapolis.

Sunday: Enjoyed a tasty meal at the Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant Sanjusan (in the North Loop).


We submitted a video (thanks Sibel!) for the PSOR Video Competition:

FRNDP: A quantum-inspired bi-level optimization algorithm.

Monday: it was great to be at MSOM 2024 (cannot believe that it has been a year since Montreal, see Le Taj) and meet up with a bunch of folks including Alex, Morris, Emily, Mohan, Gad, Candi, Vidya, Stelios, Georgia, Gizem, Ersin, Soo-Haeng, Vince, Siddharth, Vishal, Jeremie, Saif, Tugce, Ming, Tinglong, Leann, Terry, Mor, Can, Saumya, Ankur, Bill, Zhaosong, Harish, Yash, Behrooz, Christopher, Paola, Rodney and then be off to Mara for a Vesper with Sriram.

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