Quentin Tarantino

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I went to see Operation Finale a few weeks back. The movie was decent.

It is difficult to make movies about  tough topics that do not weigh you down.

One movie stands out for me in this regard:  Inglourious Basterds.

Only Quentin Tarantino! I love his quote:

When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, ‘no, I went to films.’

I see 50-100 movies a year, and have been doing so for three decades. (Yes, I have seen a lot of bad movies!)

Most of them are Hollywood movies. But I do like some independent films, and also do see some Foreign films every year.

Some of my favorite Foreign Films: Infernal Affairs (Hong Kong), Omar (Palestine), Life is Beautiful (Italy), A Separation (Iran), A Hijacking (Denmark), Counterfeiters (Germany), The Secret in their Eyes (Argentina).

Infernal Affairs is way better than The Departed, which was a Hollywood remake.

It was Ajay Karla who insisted that I see Infernal Affairs. Great recommendation.

A Hijacking is much more gripping than Captain Phillips.

Which one do I like better: Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill (vol 2)? I don’t know! And, Uma Thurman is awesome in both.

My other favorite Tarantino films: Reservoir Dogs,  Jackie Brown, Django Unchained, True Romance.

Favorite Sci-Fi movies: 12 Monkeys, Matrix.

Favorite James Bond opening sequence: Tomorrow Never Dies.

Favorite movie scenes with dialogue: Malice (Alec Baldwin, “Do I have a God Complex?”), Scent of a Woman (Al Pacino, “I am just getting warmed up.”).

Most overrated movies in recent years: The Shape of Water, La La Land.





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