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I had an amazing trip to San Diego.

I would like to thank Michael Clay (previously of Nevada OPO, now in Louisiana) for including me in the program, and Jenny Miller (of AOPO) for arranging the logistics.

As many of you know, my #1 priority in organ transplantation, and also pretty high on my list broadly in my philanthropic activities, ahead of supporting documentaries and higher education, and behind combating human trafficking (especially of children), has been the creation of Nudge videos to increase the supply of organs and tissues by increasing the consent rate of the legal next-of-kin in the situation where the deceased has not provided first person consent.

I gave a presentation of our research (data from NJ, NV and GA) to an audience of about 100 folks, representing several (if not all 58) OPOs.

Hi Sridhar, 

It was wonderful meeting you last week at the AOPO compass meeting and I thought your presentation was fantastic! Thank you for sharing, and for your commitment to finding innovative ways to support our donor families. 

We spoke briefly at the conference and I am looking forward to building a library of sorts for our organ and tissue family care staff to choose from when speaking with families. 

I am sending this email as a request to be the grateful recipient of your nudge video’s.

All the best!

Carrie Deese RN
Director of Family Services                    
Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency                                 

Good afternoon. I was honored to be able to able to hear your presentation at the AOPO Compass Conference in San Diego. I wanted to reach out to you and see if you would mind forwarding information regarding your nudge videos to use as education for my team. Also, will I need  to complete for permission to use the videos. I think that this will be very beneficial to our team. Thank you so much for sharing the information and for assisting us in saving lives. 

Laura Pruitt Family Support Manager

502 20th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35233

Hello there,

I heard great things about your presentation at last week’s Compass Conference. We’re having our 8th annual Authorization Summit here in Tennessee and I’m wondering if you might be able to share your presentation with me and if you might possibly consider presenting it at our Summit. I’d be very interested in discussing!



I was very excited to hear about your research using Nudge Videos at the Compass Conference. I’d love to discuss using them at our OPO in Washington, Montana, Idaho and Alaska. Nika Short

Greetings, Sridhar- It was indeed my pleasure to listen to your presentation on “Nudge Videos” at the AOPO Authorization Summit in San Diego. I very much wish to add your videos to our approach practice, and so am reaching out to you to find out how to begin this process.   

My Deepest Appreciations, Dawn M. McCormack, B.S.W.Manager, Family Care, Organ (

Hi Dr. Tayur, My name is Wendy Garrison, and I am the Manager of Family Services at the San Diego OPO.  I attended the AOPO conference last month and sat in on your presentation, which was amazing and you are hilarious by the way.  We have an excellent Social Media/Outreach Manager in house, who I am working with to put together our own videos for our demographic.  However, as everything else in the world, it is unfortunately currently on hold.  I really don’t want to wait much longer before starting to use nudge videos with potential tissue families over the phone.    I remember you said you would be willing to share what you already created, we just had to sign a form.  Is that still the case and if so could you please send to me or have someone send to me?  Thank you so much and hope you are staying safe and well. Best,Wendy

Hello Dr. Tayur,

I was in attendance at your presentation in San Diego in February at the AOPO Compass Conference.  I found your nudge videos, accompanying study and overall presentation very interesting.  I thought I made note of the location of the videos in order to share w/ colleagues, however I am unable to find them. I would like to share the research and videos with my group so we may explore this program further.  Would you direct me please?

Thanks in advance, Traci

Traci Hansen
Family Support Specialist/Donor Evaluation Coordinator

And it was great to see our collaborators from NV (hi Miles!), GA and NJ in the audience.

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