Roll Over Turing

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An enjoyable documentary (from 1987) is Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll celebrating Chuck Berry, the Father of Rock and Roll, as is the concert film Jazz on a Hot Summer Day (Rotten Tomatoes 100%) that is set at the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival.

Ranked #1 greatest guitar song of all time, we all know Johnny B. Goode.

Because of my love of cars, I enjoy You Can’t Catch Me, Maybelline (although I am not a Ford guy!) and, still find No Particular Place to Go amusing.

With a reference to Bombay in it, you can see why I might want to relate to Brown Eyed Handsome Man.

Of course, as one passes through the teenage years into adulthood, one cannot but appreciate the clarity of everyday life in a Capitalist system, in Too much Monkey Business.

Runin’ to and fro, Hard workin’ at the mill
Never fail, in the mail yea come a rottin bill

Salesman talking to me tried to run me up a creek
Says you can buy it, go on try it, you can pay me next week

Same thing everyday, gettin’ up goin’ to school
No need a me complainin’ my objection over rule

Uh-uh, too much monkey business, too much monkey business
Too much monkey business for me to be involved in

But it is Roll Over Beethoven that transformed my world-view:

Well, gonna write a little letter
Gonna mail it to my local DJ
It’s a rockin’ little record
I want my jockey to play

Well early in the morning, I’m a giving you the warning
Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes

Roll over Beethoven
And tell Tchaikovsky the news

Now to what triggered this post.

You may recall that I announced the 2020 Tayur Prize earlier in the year: What would Steve Jobs do?

Well, I just received this email from IIT-Madras this morning with a picture  (that is on top of the post):

Also attaching a photo of our poor man’s Ising. Working hard
to win the Tayur Ising prize 🙂

Of course, we will be covering this stuff in the Quantum Integer Programming course where the Ising model is a leitmotif

Indeed, happy to say that Peter McMahon will be a guest speaker on Coherent Ising Machine:

Hi Sridhar,

Good to hear from you – and likewise!

I’m looking forward to giving the guest lecture on the CIM.

Channeling Chuck Berry:

Well early in the morning, I’m a giving you the warning
Gonna soon showcase an Ising

Roll over Turing

And tell IBM and Google the news

How many qubits? Your can read about it with the 2020 Tayur Prize announcement later this fall.


  1. Hi Sridhar. I just sent you my picture with Chuck Berry (in 1997). Cheers!!

  2. Great Pic indeed….if you are okay with it, I will add it to the gallery at the top of the post (scroll right), for some time.

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