Theatrical Release…and to play at Kendall Square Cinema!

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You may recall that the documentary WBCN and The American Revolution won the Best Documentary Award at DC Independent Film Festival in March.

It was also an Official Selection at Cinequest, and the Centerpiece Documentary at Boston Film Festival. I saw it in Boston, in May, at the 900+ capacity (it was full) Somerville Theater where it was featured.

What next for this documentary, directed by Bill Lichtenstein, you may wonder?

Next week, December 4th, it will have its Theatrical Release. (At Regal.) Here is the trailer (thanks Bill for sending the link!):

If you look very intently at the poster for the movie, that I just framed, at the bottom right, you will see my name listed, as the very last one, as an Executive Producer.

This is my first movie as an Executive Producer. You can perhaps understand why I am so giddy.

What excites me the most is that, on Dec 11th, it will also play at my favorite “Indie” theater:

Kendall Square Cinema.

I discovered Kendall Square Cinema in 1997, during my sabbatical at MIT (thanks Dimitris Bertsimas, and congratulations for being awarded the von Neumann Theory Prize this year from INFORMS), when I went to see my first movie there:

The Full Monty.

While living in Boston 2009-17, I probably saw 100+ movies there….in fact, it was my favorite hangout place, certainly on many Friday afternoons.

The only theater in Boston that I liked more, was of course:

Chestnut Hill SuperLux!


Reclining seats. Vesper. Decent selection of food. Drinks and food served while watching a movie! Free parking.

Extra Large Screen, Digital Light Projection with Excellent Surround Sound.

Even now, when I visit Boston, I see if I can see a movie at Kendall Square Cinema or at SuperLux.

Most recently, in June, when I was back in Boston for INFORMS HealthCare Conference, I saw The Farewell at Kendall Square.


Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.

Last May, after guest lecturing at Harvard (at HKS, on OrganJet, to Schwab Fellows selected by the WEF), to enjoy SuperLux, I went to see John Wick 3.

You get the picture! Different movie theaters for different types of movies…

What is my most frequented theater in Pittsburgh?

Cinemark Robinson. 

The last five movies I saw there?

Black and Blue

Ford v Ferrari 👍🏽

The Good Liar 😒

21 Bridges

Knives Out 👍🏽❤️

An excellent WSJ review of Knives Out is:

The Giddy Pleasures of Virtuosity.

What about Thanksgiving movie watching?

I was in Washington DC, now an annual Thanksgiving ritual, and have begun to like Angelika Theater in Fairfax.

What did I watch?

Queen and Slim 🤷🏽‍♂️

Dark Waters 👍🏽

What about The Irishman?

I decided I will see it on Netflix in my home theater, rather than at LandMark Cinemas.

Why? More on this (Streaming v Independent Movie Theaters) later!

It deserves its own blog post.

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