Quantum ABBA

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It has almost been a year since my post January 23: 2013 and 2023, where I introduced the UU matrix, that positioned Academic Capitalist as an entangled state of Street Smart and Book Smart, and so I was really tickled to see this recent Maximally Inverse take by Ronny Chieng on TikTok:

Street Dumb and Book Dumb.

Let me take this opportunity to present a new educational piece on Quantum:

Five Starter Problems: Solving QUBOs on Quantum Computers.

It might remind you of Five Starter Pieces: QIS via SDP. (See Śrīdhara Brāhmaṇa: QSD via SDP. ) You may also enjoy Minimizing Polynomial Functions on Quantum Computers.

Also, it has been four years since I last spent time in London (see Lean Monarchy), but the timing of this visit was motivated not by Academic Invitations, but by

 ABBA Voyage.

It was delightful! (In my top five concert experiences, although not real, alongside Adele, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart and Eagles.) Check out the story and the technology behind it. Perhaps someday we will see a similarly joyful application of quantum!☺️

As I was flying out to London, I received an email from Nico Slate (see La Femme Nikki? Will she do well on January 23rd, 2024 in New Hampshire?) with (it will be on Zoom):

The Inaugural Kedia-Tayur Distinguished Lecture in South Asian American History Lecture Registration Link.

Excited! Here is the poster:

And finally, how could I be in London and not try Indian food (Bhindi Masala, Saag Paneer, Cucumber Raita with Plain Naan, at Chutney Mary) and a Vesper (no, not at Duke’s this time, but at 1 Hotel. It was fine.)

Off to New Delhi in the morning.


  1. What is the name of restaurant and where is its location? Where did you stay?

    Bhima R. Nagarajan

    1. The restaurant is called Chutney Mary and it is on St. James Street close to 1 Hotel (Berkeley Street) Mayfair where I was staying and Duke’s Bar (where I stopped in for a Vesper). All these are close to Green Park.

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