Chandrasekhar on Einstein

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Over the Labor Day weekend, after watching Tenet (which was fine, not great), and recalling Interstellar, another Christopher Nolan movie that dealt with time, I felt compelled to revisit Einstein’s General Relativity.

Of course, I could re-read Gravitation.

But I wanted something that would elucidate even more of what is going on physically and mathematically.

It was an absolute treat to discover and hear Chandrasekhar’s 1988 Speech at Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting:

The Founding of General Relativity and Its Excellence.

It made my weekend.

For those really interested in also understanding Newton’s Principia (that Chandrasekhar pronounces as prɪnˈkɪpiə), there is his “For the Common Reader” masterpiece where all the steps are worked out!😊

Chandrasekhar does not hand wave!

Likely the most informative book I have read on Cosmology is Kip Thorne’s 1994 Black Holes and Time Warps.

 A fun read is the 2014 The Science of Interstellar.

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